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  • Pretty much so. On Postie website, the author hasn’t answer anyone for few months. I can’t use Postie — I’m having unusual problems and no one is available to assistance me.

    I do hope another author or company will come up with a replacement Postie. Or WordPress will allow email be posted on WordPress without stripping out the HMTL).

    Not having success using Postie here either.

    It hasn’t been killed, it’s just hard to configure and there is no support. You’ll have to Google a lot and search past page 1 of the results to get your answers. I just got it working on a brand new installation of WordPress 3.3.2

    Tell us how you got it working finally please!

    What license has Postie been released under? I REALLY need something like it, and I have enough PHP experience that I’m sure I could eventually get it working right in WP 3.4+.

    I have it working in wp 3.4 on my self-hosted site.


    it work also for me in 3.4 the cron function doesn’t work as before but i’m using an external cron. This plugin is really so useful a pity there is no more developed with it. I suppose it must be in open source

    I’m using the plugin-in’s built-in scheduler, and it seems to work fine.


    If people “say” they have it working, then share the blasted information already! There’s no point in flaunting that you have it working if you can’t share what you did or won’t. If you won’t share, then keep your replies off the forum since it’s aggravating to everyone else who is desperately trying to get it to work.

    I didn’t mean to frustrate anybody. I didn’t do anything special. I have it set to check a gmail account via ssl every 10 minutes. There wasn’t anything special I did. I just entered the email address, pop server name and password and it worked right away. I just installed it a week or so ago and it just worked right off. All I can suggest is use all the default settings and make sure the pop account type and port are set right (ssl or not).

    If you manually run it in the settings it should report errors if it’s not connecting.



    Sorry to blow up there, I spent at least 3 hours yesterday searching for clues/answers as to why my gmail account can’t be accessed. When I run or test postie with POP3-SSL, port 995 and server I get the errors:

    • Mail Connection Time Out/Common Reasons:
    • Server Down
    • Network Issue
    • Port/Protocol MisMatch
    • The Server Said POP3 connect: Error [101] [Network is unreachable]
    • Or: The Server said:Can’t connect to,995: Network is unreachable

    Since you say you’re using gmail as well and it’s working for you, I’m hoping you can hit us up with some hints or list what your settings look like. I’m tempted to contact my hosting provider and see if its something on there end now.

    I have my gmail account settings for POP enabled for all “mail that arrives from now on”

    Here are my settings. My hosting provider is Hostgator. And my gmail account is in my personal domain. My gmail settings are all default because pop is enabled by default.

    Mail Protocol: pop3-ssl
    Port: 995
    Postie Time Correction: 9 hours
    Mail Server:
    Mail Userid: my full email address
    Mail Password: my password
    Check for mail every 10 minutes
    Delete email after posting: yes

    That’s all I did. It worked right off so I thought cool plugin and that was that.


    Well, my hosting company is Bluehost and apparently they allow POP3 and IMAP. Sadly I’m still having issues.

    I’ve attempted to create a brandnew email account but that is still not working. I’ve removed gmails IMAP access and only POP since I thought maybe there was a conflict there, nothing. I’m rather at a loss here and I’m moving on till hopefully someone else can provide some kind of clue.

    I continue to get the error:

    Unable to connect. The server said – Can’t connect to,995: Network is unreachable



    You might want to look over this older post:

    The poster says the cause was outgoing security restrictions with his server. Perhaps Bluehost’s server is blocking the connection after all. Maybe you can ask them?





    Thanks again, you were right as were my suspicions about bluehost. They don’t allow SMTP relaying so I’m unable to use gmail. I created an email account within bluehost’s account and after a few trials, Postie does work and connects to the email account, now the fun part is figuring out why, when I run postie it says:

    • There does not seem to be any new mail.

    Even though I have 2 brand new emails in the account waiting to be posted.

    So for anyone having issues like I was with not being able to connect, even though settings were correct. Please check with your hosting provider and see if they block access to email accounts outside their “realm.” I can confirm that Postie is working now with WordPress 3.4

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