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  • This appears to be just another buggy tool that fails to measure up. I didn’t expect much, since I didn’t pay for it. I just wish I had known it was not safe to use.

    At first, this tool appeared to be more promising than WP Multi Network, which is broken as of WordPress 3.5. However, one frustrated day later I realize that Networks for WordPress (this tool) has gotten my WordPress configuration out of wack. And, it happened just as I was about to give up and remove it.

    I spent most of one day trying to get this tool to facilitate just one extra network. Like WP Multi Network, a lack in instructions for how to use it made this a frustrating and drawn-out chore to say the least.

    I was able to create a separate network. And, I had only little trouble figuring out how to assign a site to it. “Okay”, I thought. “This appears to be going fine after all”, or so I thought. Now that I have it, what do I do with it? When I list all sites, the one I assigned to the secondary network isn’t there. So, I don’t have access to change the site anymore. I tried multiple approaches to get around this. But, there just does not seem to be a way to do anything using the secondary network.

    As I began to realize the futility of my efforts using this tool, I began to reverse the assignment to the secondary network and any other changes so I could deactivate and get rid of it. But, I keep getting a vague message, “No sites selected”. I keep trying using different approaches, but still no-go. Then, I realized that the site I had assigned is now linked to what appears to be some random domain from out of the blue, “holding.blogs.local/mysite“.

    I have no idea what other kinds of damage this tool has done. But, I have seen enough to stop tinkering with it.

    As the Lorax said, “You have been warned.”

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