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  • I don’t think so…I can still log in and stuff. But why is my homepage [] always forwarding to this spam-type page?

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  • Yes, it has.
    Change all your passwords.
    Check the index.php of your theme and the index.php at the root – there must be some redirect.
    Report it to your host.
    Set all your file permissions properly: no online editing of themes, that’s how you guys invite the hackers to step in through the open doors…

    I’ve already checked everything within my template… and there’s no java/forwarding code.

    My host is GeoCities, and their website has been down all day. Do you think this may have something to do with my problem?

    That might be…
    I also said: check the “short and sweet” index file in the root! (you don’t need java: if I have access to your file it is enough to insert one [1] single line in the head)

    What do you mean by: check the “short and sweet” index file in the root!

    Go to your site root. Check the contents of the index.php file that you’ll find there.

    FIND-FM.COM is a known sponsor harboring affiliate spammers. Did you check if there’s a CGI script for redirection?

    Ok….I’m a little more blog illiterate than I should be.

    1. How do I “go to my site root”?

    2. And what is: CGI script for redirection

    >How do I “go to my site root”?

    I don’t really have the answer since I don’t use geocities. Is it a free account or paid one?

    If it’s a paid one, you probably have access to your ftp server. Find public_html. You should have index.php in it. You may also have a folder titled cgi-bin inside public_html. If you do, look for something suspicious or look for ones with the latest date.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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