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  • I’ve been having difficulty logging into WordPress all afternoon.

    When I tried to log in, it said my password was invaded which was odd.

    I then tried all my passwords multiple times and still nothing.

    I tried to have my password sent to my e-mail (which I have done before) but the WordPress login then said that my e-mail address was not liked to any account (although I definitely have my installation e-mails in my inbox).

    I then went to my website and my header was missing. At this point I got a little freaked out and deleted wordpress.

    Should I be worried or am I freaking out for no reason?

    Thanks in advance for you opinion.


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  • It may have been a hack or it may have simply been some minor database or file corruption.

    I think I must have been freaking out for no reason.

    For some reason I can only log into my website when I go though the link on the “Meta” widget or though a link I have bookmarked that is a specific login for my site only.

    Is there a way that I can log into my site through the generic WordPress login?


    I am having the same problem… I can log in to my page, but when I come on here and try to submit my username/password it says my password is incorrect and then is not sending the recovery password to my e-mail. I had to create a new log-in in order to come into this forum and ask this question. What in the world is going on that the password is correct when logging into my page, but not into the forums?

    @andrewbal: go to

    @tigeress66: The logins and passwords for your own wordpress site and these forums are absolutely unrelated to each other. There is no reason for them to be related. One login/password is your own self-hosted wordpress site, and the other is for these forums in support of WordPress software.

    Problem is, even though that may be the case, my username to log into the forum exists, my password doesn’t work, and I’m not receiving the recover my password e-mail…. ?

    I’m not receiving the recover my password e-mail…. ?

    For your own WordPress site? See Resetting Your Password « WordPress Codex

    For the forums? Check your spam folder.

    No not for my own site, for the forums.

    Yes, I have already checked my spam folder. Not there.

    You’re posting here, so you must be logged in. Logout and reset the password.

    You must think I’m a real dope! Haha, I said before that I had to create a new username and password to post in this forum. My original username is not working. guess it doesn’t matter TOO much since I was able to create a new username, but it is definitely frustrating that my original one is inaccessible.

    Well, sorry, but it is true you confused the difference between your own site and Maybe you forgot the email address you registered under? Start a new thread asking a moderator to combine your two accounts.


    Thanks to your help I discovered that I can log in by going to
    (you must have accidently forgot the “wp-” part.

    Still can’t figure out why wordpress has me do this rather than go to some generic login.

    Thanks for your help,


    Hello, on 4/9/2011 all my WP sites (25) hosted with are hacked!! showing this:
    – And All Muslim Hackers:)

    I had to delete everything and I am looking for a new hosting account!!
    Can you please tell me if anyone else had the same experience? Thanks

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