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  • I can tell you we still use it extensively (the latest version of both FWP and WP together) at our university and haven’t had issues. We’ve talked to the developer about custom development and I know he still continues work on it (though I don’t know how active he is here as opposed to his own site)

    I guess then Timmmmyboy, then your University requirements are MUCH lower than the standards we require in Denmark. As the plugin is filled with flaws etc, it would never been accepted on production machines here. 🙂

    I have it installed on at least 200 sites, if it wasn’t for the UTF-8 error, it would still be quite usable. In fact, I still (have to) use it since there is no easy alternative.

    @ppehrson: Then I suggest you try looking for another plugin. And please stop posting in multiple topics relating to this plugin.

    The UTF-8 error doesn’t seem to show for me. Are you sure your server serves in UTF-8, your db is UTF-8 as well as everything else you can set?

    There certainly IS an easy alternative, but it costs a bit.

    the UTF-8 error shows on my local MAMP as well as different hostings, and it all started after WP3.4x.
    What’s the easy alternative, autoblogged? eww

    Plugin Author C. Johnson


    Hey y’all,

    Just as a quick note: FeedWordPress has not been discontinued. I regret that it’s been so long since the last public update; things have been held up by a number of competing claims on my time. But the current state of development can be seen at , and I plan on issuing a new release tested against all versions up to WP 3.4.x within the upcoming month.

    If you’re encountering compatibility problems related to WP 3.4.x, please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail through with “WP 3.4 compatibility” in the subject line, and as much information as possible about the specific problem you’re encountering, the URL(s) of the feed or feeds you’re encountering the problem on (if relevant), etc. I am working on tests for the new version as we speak, so I should be able to put any reports on the top of the stack very quickly.



    That’s terrific news Radgeek (and thanks for the awesome plugin!). As far I am concerned, many perfect feeds _sometimes_ give these errors: “The data could not be converted to UTF-8. You MUST have either the iconv or mbstring extension installed.” (but of course I have them),
    and this error “This XML document is invalid, likely due to invalid characters. XML error: SYSTEM or PUBLIC, the URI is missing at line 1, column 53”
    but if I try again after a few days, they may work (or not). So it is intermittent.
    My scenario is your plugin along with
    Add Attribution for FeedWordPress
    FeedWordPress Duplicate Post Filter
    FWP+: Limit posts by date
    YD Feedwordpress content filter
    and WP 3.4.1

    The second problem is that with MAMP and PHP 5.4, FeedWordPress gives the white screen of death, but this is not so important.




    For what it’s worth, radgeek, I’ve got the same problem as paravia (and a very similar setup, plugins and all). And ditto on the awesome plugin — given how powerful it is, I think it’s amazingly bug-free in general. Pay no attention to ppehrson.

    Anna Mulé


    Can any of you all share some links of this plugin in action? Thanks!



    The largest site we run it on is ds106 which is about 500 blogs feeding in to one main site. We also have some smaller course sites that use it at UMW, an example of that being this page of a digital history course.



    Check out these automated city portals all made using this plugin.



    I also started getting the error message below in the last few days:

    The data could not be converted to UTF-8. You MUST have either the iconv or mbstring extension installed.

    My web host increased the PHP memory limit from 32MB to 96MB and that seems to have fixed the problem.




    I’m running PHP 5.5 and now have this issue:

    Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed; If you would like to pass argument by reference, modify the declaration of do_action(). in /home/jazzclub/public_html/wp-content/plugins/feedwordpress/admin-ui.php on line 53

    Any help would be appreciated as the site is down.




    I’m having the same problem while trying to import the feed from another wordpress blog, a password protected one 🙁

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