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  • Hi,

    thank you for creating this plugin. I do have one problem when using it in conjunction with w3 total cache, and I think it’s due to your design decision to use php sessions instead of browser cookies for the “display only once” mechanism.

    In short, it’s not compatible with w3tc.
    Situation 1: If I clear the cache and visit my site, the plugin shows (since its “display=YES” code is triggered. w3tc now saves this state into the cache, so on any subsequent visit, it will *always* show the pop-up (instead of only once), to every visitor.
    If I now go to another page, the display=NO code is now in effect, and that other page will NOT show the pop-up (as expected). However, since now the “no-popup” version is saved into w3tc, any new/other visitor that enters via this page will *never* get to see the pop-up.

    Since the decision for “popup yes/no” is based on Cookies anyway, my suggestion would be to move that logic into the Javascript code, instead of the PHP code. i.e. once the popup shows, it also sets a cookie “already shown this pop-up” in the browser. Also, *before* it opens the pop-up, it should check if this cookie already exists. Just make the cookie “valid until end of session”, and your plugin is caching-compatible and behaves with or without caching just like before.


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  • Yes please, that would be great! I also use w3 Total cache

    Ah, great observation! I also use W3TC and I didn’t think about the impact that would have on the popup behavior. Would it be possible to have W3TC ignore the Cookie used by popup with fancybox?


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