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  • One obvious bug is the main page shows all your recent posts, BUT the images are just resized versions of the full-sized images. Firstly, this makes the page load really slow since it has to load 20 or more high res images (even though they are only shown on the screen as thumbnail-sized images). Secondly, when it resizes all the large images down to a standard thumbnail size, it distorts any image that is not that same relative shape. Really dumb.

    They could have easily done this correctly if they had coded this page to show ACTUAL THUMBNAILS that WordPress has already created automatically. Plus you could edit those thumbnails via standard image edit included in WordPress to prevent distortion. But nooooooo, these tricky coders couldn’t possibly have figured this out….Or perhaps they want you to pay for the upgrade version so they can fix this problem for you??? Of course, that’s the scam they are pulling. I understand that they want to earn money, but if this is the way they want to scam people, they really should just switch to shoplifting at their local drugstore. That would be more honest.

    Don’t bother with this one.

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