• I used this plug in for a while, but after several daily updates and a dashboard message that I couldn’t remove, I decided to look at the code in my pages and get a better idea of what it was doing.

    I have a multisite installation and the code overhead on every page was just more than it was worth for what it does. There are a lot of font services and plugins now you can use. This one has become heavy with unnecessary code and features I would never use.

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  • Plugin Author killerdeveloper


    Daily updates which fix bugs, and a message which disappears after saving settings is something that makes you rate 1 star without even contacting support? No comment needed here.

    You mentioned there were a “LOT” of font services/plugins available to do what this one can. Please direct me to those plugins for 3D ability, font style, color and size adjust and also repositioning the header to where I want it to be on my sites. I love this plugin, but it stopped working. I will need a temporary fix until it’s working again. So, please provide me with all of the details for replacement plugins for what I want to do as you described above, I’d really appreciate it, since I’ve searched Google, Bing and Yahoo for the “LOTS” and haven’t found even one alternative.

    Alex Shaw, Photographer

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