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  • Hello, this plugin seems to do a job that is very necessary for most wordpress installs. The amount of different sized images generated by wordpress core, plugins and themes which are not used by the site take up far too much server space.

    My site, which is about 5 years old, is very image based and has had a number of theme changes and plugin changes in the past. It now has a huge media library. Most of these images are unused and unreferenced. It would take me far too long to go through these one by one, looking for certain sizes.

    Unfortunately due to my set up I cannot risk installing this plugin whilst bugs and uncertainties are prevalent. I would like to know if anyone has had any success in using this plugin with a 3.9.1 wordpress install?

    Thanks, Olly

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  • Plugin Author opicron


    On the initial index run _nothing_ is actually removed. All images are merely indexed into various groups.

    Afterwards you are able to fully check each group/file thus making sure _nothing_ is accidently moved.

    If moved files are actually required they can always be moved back. Or permanently removed when you are sure the result is as expected.

    Plugin Author opicron


    What i forgot to add, it is safe to run this plugin on any wordpress version. As the index does not rename/move/delete anything.

    Thanks for getting back to me opicron. I have managed to sort out the problems that I was having with server space, it was actually the W3TC plugin that was creating too many inodes on my server. I deleted the plugin then installed another cache plugin that works like a charm (WP Fastest Cache).

    I then tried the DNUI plugin to remove the unused images. Unfortunately though this seemed to pick up images that were used by my theme and some plugins as well. So I used cpanel to pinpoint certain sized images and deleted them that way. Maybe took a bit longer but it was a lot safer as I knew which sizes were definitely not being used by the site. Seems to me that developing a plugin that does this type of job can be very tricky. Without the proper indexing functions/criteria (which varies considerably from site to site) then there will always be a chance of indexing images that are actually used.

    If it comes to this stage again for me, I will consider using your plugin but I have tried to limit the chance of this happening by being more specific in defining of thumbnail sizes.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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