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  • What I would like to do is to create a game to teach people about CHD and the 40 plus different variations of CHD. They would battle against all odds and learn during this time. Is this capable of such? It would need to be able to work with our site Thanks for creating an exciting adventure.

    Thanks for everyone’s help and suggestions and anything I could look at to see if it will work within our thesis.


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  • Plugin Author Tim


    I’m not quite sure how you’d want your game to be played to teach people of CHD? I’m sure with a little further description this or any combination of plugins out there would suffice. But with just the description of “teach people about CHD” i’m not quite sure how to help.

    Please follow up with more details.

    Hi Tim,

    How are you doing? I hope fine. Thanks for asking. Its just a simple adventure type game where everyone ends up a winner.

    The player would be a new developing heart and within the first 6 weeks you will experience many enemies on your travels. Now these enemies would be each of the different defined CHD’s there are. Thus, each time you encounter these enemies you will learn about a different CHD such as Truncus Arteriosus ect… you will have a simple battle or hard and then move on to the next adventure. By 12 weeks, the heart is fully developed. Many people never get sonograms ect of their fetus or the doctor does not know how to read them or just not available but usually by 20 weeks someone with a fetus being born would know whether their child has a CHD or not. But simple ones with slight holes in their heart may escape until birth to be noriced. Anyway, this would be something that would be adventourous and yet learning. Especially for new mothers or even late teens that would like to be aware of things that could happen.

    Thanks for listening.


    Plugin Author Tim


    Hello William, while I’m sure it’d be doable, I think you’d be much better going with a more visual approach using technologies such as HTML5 or Flash. At least from my usage, these RPG Engines are more on going, PvP, etc type games, where as you’re looking more (from what i understand) for a interactive video that walks users through a simple set of scenes to provide an educational experience. The only “game” part of the idea sounds like the idea of a reward system for learning the facts. IMO, for what it’s worth, you should focus more on a HTML5/Flash video, something that does what it is you describe, but can be completed in a matter of minutes. There’s not much replay value, other than to re-educate yourself. Mothers, and fathers?, would only want to play to learn and the only appeal to it over just “reading” would be it’s interactive and graphically simple approach.

    Again, thank you for looking at using my engine as a possible base, and while I humbly believe that it could be up to the task, I do believe there’s a better alternative for you.


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