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    Hey everyone.

    Since the author is no longer around, does anyone know how to resolve the bug that asks to delete the plugin immediately after hitting the delete note button?

    Please let me know.

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  • same problem here, the older versions (of the plugin or wp) didn’t do it so i guess it’s a problem with the upgrade…

    otherwise a great plugin!

    Unfortunately I don’t think it will ever get updated anymore…

    Hmm, Juliette is a big wig in the WP community.
    I think this would take her about 5 minutes to sort.

    I think it’s something in this Javascript code

    	if(response.action.indexOf('save_template') == -1 ) {;;
    		jQuery('#wp-plugin_note_'' span.wp-plugin_note a').each(function(){
    			jQuery(this).attr( 'target', '_blank' );

    @mac2net Not sure if you mean me, but I don’t recognize myself in your words at all. And **nothing** ever takes 5 minutes to sort.

    If someone has some time & a solution, you’re welcome to contribute to the plugin:

    Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to see if there is a pulse from the developers.
    Pretty sure I helped you with another bug a few years ago – also a Javascript issue.
    And this time I am pretty sure I have pasted the offending code above.
    That’s a start.

    I look forward to your pull request in that case.

    LOL I fixed it.
    And I stand corrected – 1000 apologies!
    It would have taken you 5 seconds to fix, not 5 minutes!

    Dear Users
    In order to get this plugin to stop asking you to delete the plugin after deleting a note, just change the class on line 216 from “delete” which conflicts with the class of the plugin “Delete” button, to something else, also making sure that the new class doesn’t conflict with anything else.

    Juliette, you are welcome to use my correction without attribution.


    Nice, can this be implemented into an update?

    Hi @catmaniax

    You just have to change the one “delete” on line 216.

    But of course @jrf broke her promise:
    “If someone has some time & a solution, you’re welcome to contribute to the plugin”


    @catmaniax Please mind your manners. I did not make or break any promises, I asked for people to contribute a solution.
    I have not seen a pull request on GitHub, so who’s to blame for that ?

    This is the plugin’s repository support page.
    By contributing to the solution here I am doing my part.
    There was a “problem” and I provided a fully documented solution to you.
    And yet you don’t think this is enough.
    I don’t agree.

    @catmaniax Just realized I mentioned the wrong person before. My apologies.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    *Reads. Drinks more coffee. Coffee is good.*

    Apologies to @catmaniax but this topic is getting closed. After 3 months it’s not about the problem anymore but attitude.

    But of course @jrf broke her promise:
    “If someone has some time & a solution, you’re welcome to contribute to the plugin”

    @mac2net That’s just a pointless thing to write, adds no value and just on the edge of being outright rude. Maybe next time you’ll do better.

    Everyone should remember that these forums are 100% staffed by volunteers. No one is owed ever the time of day, let alone support. That includes from plugin and theme authors as well.

    *Finishes coffee*

    Of course support happens all the time (that’s the point of these forums) but try to leave a sense of entitlement and attitude at home.

    Again, as this 3 month old topic I’m closing it. It’s just not productive anymore.

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