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  • It seems to me the documentation is not up to date and there are others with problems to make it work. Would be interesting to know if anyone has been able to make it work 100% with Stripe Connect where payments are transferred as should. As there are no reviews on here I have to ask the question….

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    It says in FAQs it only works with WordPress 4.8 is that still the case?

    I have it working!
    Took me a lot of trial and error both setup and using it…I have yet to determine if the vendor disbursements are truly automated (it worked with a $1 purchase but then didn’t with an actual $35 purchase).

    To get the vendor’s commission to disburse when it didn’t do it automatically, I marked the commission as paid in WP – went back to Stripe Dashboard and saw the transfer immediately.

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    Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. Yes it has taken me a while to configure the payments and understand how it’s designed to work vs. how I thought it would work. With no documentation as such to refer to it was trial and error too. I have it working in test mode fine now yet to test in live mode.
    The main limitations are not necessarily because of this plugin / WCmp but due to Stripe Connect processes.
    For instance one cannot have the Stripe account set to automatic payout schedule but must be set to manual payout. Otherwise there will not be enough funds in the account to pay the Vendor as it takes about 3-4 days from when the order payments are received to become “available balance” from which you can then pay to the Vendor’s Connect account. So I had to set the automatic commission disbursement to happen after 4 days only. Thereafter it takes another 4 working days for that transfer to become “available balance” and paid out to the Vendor’s bank account.
    So unless you have a large starting balance (credit) in your Stripe account (which is difficult to achieve when first launching the site and listing big ticket items) there is a long delay between taking payment for an order and settling this into the Vendor’s bank account.
    I am going to have to investigate and see if the Paypal solution is better though I would have preferred to not have to use that option.
    I will also have to test the Manual commission request method maybe that is a better process.

    Thank you

    No prob!
    I had that issue too with needing to set to Manual payout – found that out through their forums, but it’s not in the documentation.

    I also learned I had to include Stripe’s 2.9% + 30 cent transaction fee in the settings because the first $1 run didn’t transfer to the test vendor because there was only 67 cent available after Stripes fee. Because my client initially wanted to charge vendors a flat one time fee while vendors could retain 100% of sales commission (then Stripe taking transaction fees during transfer), we discovered that the client would have to send only 97.1% minus 30 cent to the vendor. Probably wouldn’t have been an issue if the client were charging their own fees per transaction on top of Stripe instead of the flat one time fee to vendors or if they had credit already in the account to make up the fee.

    We ended up switching to weekly from hourly schedule for commission disbursement to give Stripe that time to process everything – and it varied from 2-4 days. The event we set this up for is now over so we haven’t tested to see the whole automated process with this new schedule yet, we relied on the manual method once a ticket was purchased and funds became available in Stripe.

    Nice to know I wasn’t the only one getting intense with this plugin – I almost gave up on it! Just needs a little better documentation with how it integrates with the Stripe ecosystem to avoid spending so much time playing around with it, most are probably not going to give it that much time to figure it out.

    The limitation it’s not in Stripe Connect, simply:

    1. WCMP has been totally absent in clarify what kind of approached they choose to set up the API
    2. There’s no documentation provided by WCMP
    3. They have choose the worst solution and not recommended by Stripe.

    Stripe offers three accounts, Standard, Express and Custom, once you have choose one you can’t change. These accounts comes with benefits and legal responsibilities, so obviously you want to know if this plug will works with all these accounts, which actually should not works, cause Standard account use OAuth integration and Custom uses API.

    Stripe provide three different type of Charge Flow: Direct Charge, Destination Charge and Separate Charges and Transfers.
    These are not just fancy names and everyone who would use this plugin would like to know what kind of Charge Flow WCMP has choose for this plugin. This, because there are important legal aspects that affect the Admin of the marketplace and his vendors too.

    What everybody expected to see from this plugin was the usual simply charge flow, where the customer’s money goes to the Vendor, minus transaction fees, taxes and commissions, or with our commissions, and then the commissions are sent back, like if the Vendor was paying us, which actually is true, ’cause we provide a service and so has seen in US, CA and EU, just look at Etsy.

    Stripe in fact for a Standard Account recommend to use Direct Charge which works right in this way.
    Easy peasy.

    Since has been the same WCMP that told me to contact Stripe, I’ve been forced to bag Stripe Germany and then Stripe US to help me in understand how WCMP had set up their own plugin, embarrassing.

    Stripe Germany didn’t have much interest in check my API calls since it’s not their duty, lucky me I’ve found in Stripe US an help.

    So the only thing I got, is that WCMP has set up Destination Charges, or maybe even Separate Charges and Transfers, unfortunately I couldn’t push to get more.

    The shitty part is that with both, the marketplace Admin get all the responsibilities of a Custom account without benefits.
    In substance, thanks to this choice, the Admin become responsible for Chargebacks, Frauds, Refunds and Disputes (yeah) all things that a Standard account paired with Direct Charge flow do not have.

    Not only, now the Admin must also pays the transactions fees, transactions fees that in more than one country are different between local and international cards, so basically getting inside WCMP UI to add the Stripe fees to the marketplace fees in order to compensate, will always bring to a loss by admin side unless you do not charge more then necessary and still I didn-t check if % can be paired with a number since there are also 0.30c per transaction.

    The “Manual Payout vs Automatic” isn’t the right solution during the test mode. For example right now I’m in Manual Payout but still I can’t transfers the money to the vendor.
    Here I have a waiting time of 7 days against 4 in NZ and 2 in US.
    So the best solution is proceed with a purchase using a credit card that will add funds in your Stripe balance: 4000000000000077.

    Once you have added funds, you can keep selected hourly disbursement in WCMP and also keep a Payout Automatic or manually mark as paid directly in WCMP

    This happen because the money that you are going to send are those one in your balance and not those one that are coming.

    Which for this kind of Charge Flow make sense, because you are responsible for all the shit and so Stripe aspect to see you backed up with money in your balance, that btw will not matter so much, ’cause in case of chargeback or refund, if the balance is 0 or not enough, Stripe will take the money from your bank account. (remember with Direct Charge would been vendor responsibility)

    Not nice if you are starting a business, ’cause if you can face this Charge Flow model, probably you also do not use a free plugin…

    PayPal it’s not a solution and has never been one since at least 2 years. When you ask for MassPay or Adaptive Payments, they want to know if you make at least $xxk if not, they will not allow you to use those solutions.
    Moreover MassPay has been deprecated in December 1st, 2017 just check online, you will also see people complaining that they woke up without have anymore the chance to use MassPay, while Adaptive Payments is under invitation and with the usual revenues as rule.

    PP has never been the solution for a marketplace, since years, there are other payment gateways, better and cheaper but no willing to create a plugin.

    PS: If turns out that this is “Separate Charges and Transfers” do not use the withdrawal function ’cause the guy in Stripe US told me that it’s not supposed to work in that way with such kind of charge flow.

    PS2: Apparently in terms of Stripe Connect plugin, WC Vendor Pro comes with a Stripe Connect plugin that use Direct Charge paired with a Standard Account as should be.

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    Wow thanks for taking the time to share & detail your findings and issues too.
    Will be interesting to investigate WC Vendor Pro and determine if their solution is better.

    Man, for now would be great if just in case out of the blue WCMP would think: “Oh yeah, sure this is my plugin, let me inform people that a Standard Account is mandatory and that as charge flow we use xxx”

    Btw, see that if they are using “Separate Charges and Transfers” you and all the others outside US and EU are heavily limited.

    Right now there’s not THE SOLUTION, all of these multi vendor plugins are limited without specify such limitation, except some rare case. All of them are built on top of WooCommerce which works great with a US tax system but can not work well or at all with other markets.

    In terms of Payment Gateways, WCMP was great ’cause it was coming with two solutions, PP and Stripe, while Pvendors has only PP and Yith too.
    But after the deprecation of PP, let’s say that it’s almost like to say that WCMP in terms of gateway it’s not really sleeping well.

    I’ve sent a message to WC Vendor, in their repository they’ve been enough nice to inform that PayPal has been deprecated and I’ve read they are working on Subscriptions, which is great since it’s a growing business model that deserve to be explored.

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    Yes thanks I did notice in the documentation it said something about limited to 10% of volume using “Separate Charges and Transfers” so it is concerning if WCMp confirms they use this method… I am yet to be able to verify this same as you.

    I looked at WC Vendor and their Stripe payment gateway is totally different and done correctly – see this link
    and extract of interest below re their Stripe Gateway
    Q: I read in another support post that this plugin only makes instant payments? Is that correct? ie, no scheduling? Any intention to allow this flexibility. Stripe charges additional fees to connected users for instant payments.
    A: Correct! Instant only. However, there is no additional fees. If the product is $100, and you pay the vendor 90% commission, admin gets $10 and $0 fees, vendor gets $90 and pays the 2.9% or whatever it is that’s all. Nothing more. It’s the best deal in Vegas, baby!

    Yep but in the end that method or destination charges it’s still a pain, ’cause starting a business, being responsible for all the problems when with direct charge let you free from them..

    Yes, WC is using direct charge, but I would not say that destination charge is wrong applied to a Standard account even if not recommended in Stripe doc. It’s still an option for Standard, fact is that nobody would chose to Destination without also have the benefit of the Custom account (aka the old managed account), makes no sense.

    I do not believe that WC Vendor plugin makes instant payments, not everywhere at least:)

    WC Vendor Stripe plugin, will instantly transfer the Vendor money at the purchase moment, because the pay flow move all the charge to the Vendor, and then move back the admin commission to the Stripe account, but that money will only be available on the Vendor Stripe Account Balance. Which means, if the Vendors is in NZ or EU, 4 days and 7 days for the payout.

    The instant payout, customer charge and the money directly go on the bank account of the Vendor, however such instant payouts, can be performed only during weekends and holidays and only in US.
    Also, this system if nothing changed since its implementation in the end of 2016, was paired with custom accounts ad it comes with a fee of +1.5% per transaction when you go for them.

    I believe that the old “pay and get” it’s dead due the new banking regulations against money laundering.

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