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  • I apologize if this is off topic, it might be that i need redirecting somewhere else.. but i recently moved from to my own site (with jetpack) and i was getting 800-900 views (700 odd visitors) per day as part of the paid redirection service from my old .com site..

    Now after doing a few things.. my views suddenly dropped to 100 per day.. i was wondering if someone could help me identify if i did something wrong somewhere (it seems so). Some things that may have caused this..

    *I added a google,yahoo,alexa meta tags into the new <head> for the moved site as i thought this would help my views go up (in fact it seems to be doing the opp.)
    *I edited my robots.txt and added some googlemedia code to it or something
    *I noticed in web masters something about loss of ownership for my old .com site. I never did anything of the sort..
    *I made my older ‘free com site’ private through wordpress and my new site public to google search.

    I noticed that it is in fact my GOOGLE search results that went DOWN. So something has happened to my site or previous site is not appearing high in the search results. My thinking is that i might have already had a pre-set meta code from my .com already and should not have added a new one?

    Thanks for any help you can give, i am worried i have lost my google rank and views because of this. Thanks for any help.

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  • Could you share the urls of your old and new domains. Also could you be a bit more elaborate on “I noticed in web masters something about loss of ownership for my old .com site. I never did anything of the sort.. “.

    I doubt whether adding metadata would start influencing traffic suddenly.

    Hi Simplysaru. Thanks for the quick response.

    Yeah sure, my old one is
    My new one is

    In webmaster tools under the site dashboard when i click on it says in the ‘all messages’ and ‘new and important’ area:

    ‘Google Analytics web property: link has been removed from
    October 8, 2013

    Your Webmaster Tools site is no longer linked to a Google Analytics web property. Possible reasons are:

    You are no longer the owner of the site in Google Analytics, and nobody else owns both the site and the property

    Another site owner removed the link.’

    I did wonder before it might be because i made the older site ‘private’ and that now the old traffic (800 views) doesn’t find either site.

    Unfortunately still having this problem.. Both my old and new site are ‘both’ very low views/visitors. The problem seems to be that the old site isn’t getting the traffic to re-direct to the new site, i might talk to wordpress directly about it as they might be able to tell what is causing it.

    I made my old site ‘public’ yesterday again but i would not say traffic has really gone up as a result.. i feel the problem is something to do with the ownership thing above as that seemed to be the turning point.. Appreciate any help. Thanks.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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