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    Unfortunately, the plugin has a critical bug that hangs PHP on posts/pages update. I recommend to use another plugin with similar functionality but without such bugs.

    I back to this plugin after some time and now everything works 🙂

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  • diabolico


    I saw similar problem when updating post but it is random and not sure if is caused by this plugin or response from FB servers. In my case simple solution is to press again “update” and it works, no more error.



    Confirmed here as well.

    Just installed this plugin and my website did not load right away and stopped at a white screen with the URL loaded.. I instantly got an email from my IT team “Uh, website down?”.

    Not too sure if this results from your error but none the less, plugin removed.

    @beherit and @diabolico

    It should be related to the plugin trying to update Facebook cache. Have you tried to disable that option on the settings page?


    No idea on why that happened, sorry 🙁

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    @webdados I tried everything, even I tested it on a clean WP installation. Do you think that so far I’m waiting for fix? No, 4 months ago I found other plugin that does the same things but much better.

    @webdados Didnt try but i will. Because of problems with WooCommerce i disabled this plugin until new version is out. I know new version is out but i didnt have time to test. I’m sure i will find time in next 1-2 days and then let you know if the problem is still present or not.


    OK, I’ll wait then. In the meantime, problems with WooCommerce have been solved also, but if you need any help or still have any problem, please tell me.

    @webdados Ok just to let you know, now it works without any problem. Tested on two sites, one with Divi theme (ET) and Woocommerce and second with Extra theme (ET) and no Woocommerce. On both sites i didnt notice any problem and no more admin blank pages (css not loading).

    Thanks for the feedback!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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