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  • Hoping someone can give me a hand… I’m all out of ideas.

    We have a existing ASP page that has been up and running for years. The page can be found here.

    Recently we decided we’d like to add a blog feature. I did a bunch of research and decided WordPress was our best bet. So I installed WordPress and read up on how to create a custom theme. I’ve completed emulated the look and feel of the ASP site, with the exception of the damned dropdown menu. Which I cannot, for the life of me, get to work! The WordPress portion of the site can be seen here.

    I’ve reused majority of the original CSS on the WordPress site in order to maintain a consistent look and feel… I’d like to do the same with the top navigation bar. I’ve read up on wp_enqueue_scripts, and have TopNav.js and jquery loading in my WP header… But TopNav.js will not function. 1 of the divs from the nav appears fully expanded on the footer of the blog.

    Are there any other details that might help someone figure out what the heck is going on?

    Someone rescue me from this hell!

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