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  • Charles Guthier


    The Captcha code appears in mutiple colors, against a multicolored background, making it nigh-impossible for humans to read, which negates the point. Then, when one actually manages to enter the correct code, the plugin rejects it 90% of the time.

    This plugin makes for a frustrating user experience that I will not inflict on my site’s visitors under any circumstances.

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  • You can choose yourself, the colors and fonts.

    It can preview CAPTCHA image before applying it
    It supports 5 different fonts and 30 different background images
    It supports single or double CAPTCHA layer
    It can display up to 20(!) characters on Captcha Images

    I think that you are wrong and unfair, Charles.
    This plugin provides you with so many colors, images and fonts combinations and I am sure that you can find the proper combination to fit in your blog’s needs.
    Personally, I have uploaded 5 fixed images of mine (in bg folder, you can substitute the default images with your own ones) and adjusted the captcha background to my blog’s appearance. I am so happy with the result.

    Probably you didn’t play enough with plugin’s options and customizations. I believe that it’s worth giving it a second try.

    Dear Mr Charles “WebMaster” Guthier,

    To put it bluntly, you’re doing it wrong.

    It astounds me that you cannot use such a simple plugin, and astounds me even further that you blame your ineptitude and obvious lack of experience on the author of this wonderful plugin. You owe this individual an apology. Especially seeing as how two people have offered to help you configure the plugin. (Even though it’s so simple.)

    You’re a “WebMaster”, seriously?! Not only is it an antiquated title, but in all my years of technology, I have only met a very rare few people who appear to have any sort of TRUE “Mastery” of the web. I don’t feel it to be a very fitting title in this case if you can’t seem to configure a simple captcha. I fear for the well being of your company’s website.

    In closing, I am going to donate more money to the author to aid in the continued development of this plugin and may even offer some input on it. Why? Because I am a developer, I love this product, and I can (and in a very small part due to your wrong and unfair complaint).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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