• Started using Supreme Modules Lite and all was fine. Suddenly I went to create a new page and build with DIVI on the front end. Divi Builder would not load so I disabled the Supreme Modules Lite plugin and the front-end builder loaded fine. After creating the new page I was able to reactivate Supreme Lite.

    This is hopefully going to become a very large website with thousands of posts. I’ve started using the features of Supreme Lite to build the template for the Post displays so they are uniform. Thankfully, I only have three posts created so far. I’m going to have to redo those posts and stop using the Supreme plugin.

    The risk is simply too high that I will one day have to redo the whole website if the plugin stops working or becomes unsupported. This is true with a lot of plugins. Be prepared if you are creating a larger website or think you will not have time to fix all the things that could cause you work if a plugin stops working or causes a glitch.

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