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  • Hello I am facing a peculiar issue.

    Hear me out

    When I am in the WordPress admin dashboard and click “pages” I am presented with a list of all my site pages. When I click the page I want to edit, no matter what page I select, it always takes me (redirects) to the same page.. Making it so I cant edit any page. It also does this for posts. If I select a post I wana edit it redirects me to a random page.

    If I delete the page it redirects to, it then just redirects to that parent page, if I delete the parent page it then redirects to the blog page…

    So knowing we use Yoast Seo Plugin for redirects I disabled Yoast.. And the problem went away. Solved? No.. I need yoast..

    Okay so I then re enabled Yoast and deleted ALL our redirects to see if it was a mistake we entered. But this did not solve the issue. So I kept Yoast enabled and kept investigating.

    I than found out if I disable the “activity log” plugin the issue is ALSO fixed AND I can keep Yoast enabled.

    I also reached out to yoast about this issue. I am very lost in trying to solve it and keep both plugins running.

    If anyone has ANY ideas please let me know

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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