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  • I was redeveloping my husband’s business website with InstantWP when my hard drive crashed. I can’t open the InstantWP installation now, have to reinstall it. Have I also lost the local files for the site I was setting up? Or can I still access them with a reinstall? I feel sick …

    Should have made a copy of the files, you *never know* when this is going to happen!

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  • InstantWP compartmentalizes everything required to run WordPress. It’s a “stand-alone” program. Everything required to run it – including your complete WordPress installation, files, plugins, themes, and database – were all contained inside the InstandWP directory. It all ran ran from there.

    If you can still spin that damaged drive up from an external enclosure, you may be able to recover the entire InstantWP directory by a simple copy – paste from the faulty drive to the new one. If the old hard drive is completely non-functioning, then it’s all gone.

    Thank you, I was able to get back in to the site. The InstantWP directory was still there. Whew! I did have to reinstall a new version of InstantWP, because as an application it wasn’t working, then found instructions online to delete a file (forget which one now) and then I was able to use the reinstalled InstantWP with the directory from the original install. Hope that makes sense. We’re off and running with the new site, it should go live tomorrow. Yay, I love this InstantWP.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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