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  • Guys, stop reviewing plugins before you try them!!

    I would like to see many more options in the admin panel. The existing ones are simply not enough.

    Who dont understand the basics of php or html will have a hard time figuring out some basics that should be already included in the settings.

    Ive stumbled across some problems that could not figure out and that lead me to search other ways around…

    In my opinion a major upgrade is recomended to be more user friendly.

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  • Plugin Author Greg Winiarski


    After spending few hours answering your questions and sharing some code snippets (total of 9 threads started by you, which is about 10% of tickets in last two months and multiple follow up questions often beyond the basic support), it’s really disappointing to see this review :(.

    Either way, maybe you can let me know here what other outstanding issues do you have, so we can turn this review around?

    @bevyme If the plugin works but it doesn’t have some options that you want this is not a good reason to give a negative review. Also, if you encountered some problems this doesn’t mean that this plugin is not good, especially as Greg provides a very good support for a free plugin.

    @greg, this review is not about your plugin, it is about the his author. You should not be discouraged, negative reviews can not be avoided entirely, but that doesn’t mean obligatorily that your work is not good. Continue to develop and to improve this plugin, which is a very good one.

    @iurie Malai simply you dont get it. That was my review, not yours.
    Also i dont have the knowledge about code you have, if i had the same knowledge you have, then, you dont even had to hear from me in the forum, because i can search. You dont seem to make that effort sometimes with the knowledge you have.
    So dont try to give me advice on how to review it please.

    @greg Im your nÂș1 fan since ive downloaded this plugin dont get me wrong, looks like you know a lot about security and stuff, bright minds are always on top of my wishes. Im sure i will see improvements with your plugin. Ive seen that after my review you started beeing more active in the forum and also the way you answer questions is different, and i do appreciated a lot! That only show to us that you really want to improve. Everyone have something to learn everytime.

    Plugin Author Greg Winiarski


    @bevyme I understand you will not change the rating, even though you still use the plugin and like the support you received o.O … that’s fine. Users are reading only negative reviews anyway so i will allow myself to quote you here from other ticket:

    ... thank you Greg Winiarski for doing this awesome plugin

    As harsh as it sounds, i am beginning to think i made a terrible mistake replying to any of your tickets at all, in best case you would delete the plugin, in worst case you would leave 1 star rating, which (compered to 2 stars) in terms of counting points does not really make any difference, but at least i would save a couple hours of my time and i could tell that my 2 (or 1) star rating was well deserved.

    Despite what you wrote in the last message i find this review/rating not true, harmful for the plugin and disrespectful towards everyone involved, especially me.

    @iurie Malai Thanks! when releasing this plugin as a free software i expected to get a negative review out of blue for no apparent reason, that is part of the game i guess, but i never expected to get negative review for doing a good job.

    My intencion was never to disrespect you or your work.
    As you, i didnt knew that rating could not be changed… I tried right after i rate it 2 stars instead of 3.
    So i officialy raise here my plugin rate to 3.5 stars (that is about 25% from perfect).
    If there is a way to change it you tell me, and i will do it.
    Some additions (css & settings) can be made to make the plugin even better and more user friendly. Users will thank you even more, not only for that but also because is a free plugin.

    Plugin Author Greg Winiarski


    According to moderators in this thread it is actually possible to change the review (and actually one of WPAdverts reviews was changed so i am pretty sure it is possible).

    The additional settings, options, features and documentation will be available, but note this is still my side project and the development does not move forward as fast as i would like it to (or sometimes does not move forward at all).

    Greg, i think you might have to consider make this one paid to make the needed improvments. Or else leave it as it is and fix only bugs, and help people in forum.

    Plugin Author Greg Winiarski


    The free version has its benefits for the author as well: more exposure, users helping each other on the forum (which is slowly beginning to happen), more users to test the plugin.

    It also forces me to document my code and create the documentation itself which is nice.

    New update will be available this month, and i am planning to have at least one update a month here in 2016, WPAdverts is slowly getting traction (as far as the addon sales go) so i will be able to spend more time on this project and i am pretty confident this will be possible.

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