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    harasses you for reviews

    Plugin Author shareaholic


    Hi @jamesacosby

    Our intention is not to “harass”. Sorry that it has felt this way to you.

    Shareaholic is mostly a free plugin and a lot of work goes into it — a review is all we ask for to keep us motivated.

    You can disable the notice in any of three ways:

    1. Clicking “dismiss” within the notice

    2. Shareaholic -> Plugin Settings -> Within “Advanced” Section check “Disable Review Notice”

    3. With code

     * Disable Shareaholic Review Notice
    function shareaholic_disable_review_notice() {
      remove_action('admin_notices', array('ShareaholicAdmin', 'display_review_notice'));
    add_action('admin_init', 'shareaholic_disable_review_notice', 11);
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    The “Dismiss” button doesn’t do anything, and even if I “X” out the message or hit any other button, it pops up every time I come back to the page.

    Numbers 2 and 3 make zero sense to me.

    Have no idea (or care) where “Shareaholic -> Plugin Settings” is.

    Plugin Author shareaholic


    “X” will just minimize – not dismiss. “Dismiss” should work – strange that it does not.

    When you log into WordPress, there is a navigation bar to your left. “Shareaholic” is one of the options that you will see:

    1. Click “Shareaholic” in left-hand navigation bar in your WordPress admin
    2. Then click “Plugin Settings
    3. Scroll down to the “Advanced” section of the resulting page and check “Disable Review Notice
    4. Click “Save Changes

    Hope this helps.

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    The box on the left is not what my screen looks like; I don’t hink I enter directly through “Shareaholic”. No clue. Don’t have time to walk through it.

    Plugin Author shareaholic


    Every WordPress installation has an Admin section which you have to log into and every WordPress Admin section typically has a navigation sidebar (like the one in our screenshot above – if you have the Shareaholic plugin installed like you say you do, “Shareaholic” will be one of the options in the sidebar).

    Quick overview:

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