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    It seems a lot of people are having success with this plugin, but I don’t see anyone having the same problem I am.

    When I enter my Posterous host name, email address, and password, the plugin just hangs for me. The button turns to “Please wait…” and the progress spinner graphic comes up, and then nothing happens.

    Has anyone else seen/solved this?

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  • Did some additional testing:

    * deactivated all other plugins in case there was a conflict
    * made sure I’m using the most basic/default posterous template with no customization
    * made sure my posterous space is fully set to public with downloading enabled (just in case)
    * tested with the wrong password, just to see if it got that far (it did, and properly told me it was the wrong login info)
    * checked the PHP-errors.log and found nothing in there

    Still having the same problem. Any ideas for what I may be able to try next?

    me too

    Yep, got exactly the same. Maybe it’s due to some fixes/updates done on Posterous side? Was notified about them on 2.3. because I posted a ticket about backup not working properly. Now the backup works, but when I import it on and than export-import into hosted WP, all the videos embed are broken as the hosted WP does not support the tags from … oh well 🙁



    I just got this error as well, with WordPress 3.5.1. This is separate from another issue I am having with a separate blog where the importer only imports up to 250 posts. For this new blog attempt of mine, it imports 0 posts as the spinner spins.

    The problem with going through is that you only get the resized images, and not the original images. Supposedly, if the posterous import plugin was not having this issue, it would import the original source images.

    Any ideas from the plugin author as to what might be causing this?

    Same here. Also, Posterous’ backup feature never completes so using the method isn’t an option for me.

    I’m using a fresh install WordPress.

    same problem here. it may need an update, because i updated wordpress before installing the plugin. 🙁

    I’ve made an attempt to reach out to the developer of the plugin to see if he can help us out.

    Just polling to see if all those having this issue have something in common:

    I’m on Dreamhost and using v.3.5.1. You?

    Godaddy, wp v 3.5.1

    self-hosted, wp v 3.5.1

    Same problem! I enter my Posterous host name, email address, and password, the button turns to “Please wait…” and the progress spinner graphic comes up, and it spins and spins and spins and I wait and wait and wait. Even left it on all night.

    I’ve rebooted, I’ve turned off everything i know how to turn off so there’s no conflict, same problem. It’s been happening for a week now.

    I’m starting to get nervous…

    I just started using WordPress, and am hosting it on my own web site, which is hosted at HostGator.

    Try using this dev version of the plugin instead and see if it works any better.

    So the dev version works for me.

    Unfortunately, the plugin just remote-links all of the media. This import won’t survive the Posterous shutdown :/

    The next step would be to wget all of the images and then

    a. add them to wordpress media
    b. replace the img references on the site

    Has anyone done anything like this?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 46 total)
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