• Tried it two times: It hangs my WordPress site each time when I press the recover button, sorry.

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  • Plugin Author Krasen Slavov



    Maybe you had to add this to the support forum and not rate 1 star right away, but there are a number of reasons the issue you describe could happen.

    • Conflicts with 3rd-party plugins, or already have some JS errors in the dev console from other plugins or theme issues.
    • Not enough max_execusion time by the server will cause a 500 error which can be debugged with the dev console only.
    • I have added a limit of 10 images but sometimes people upload raw images or high quality I have seen images 10, 20, or 30Mb used and loaded on sites.
    • There other reasons the but I am unable to do or help you in any way since you just rated 1 star and didn’t send support message.

    There are a few other alternatives, search the WP plugins and might have the right one for you.

    Thank you,

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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