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  • Upon reading similar questions about this problem, I am still having issues with installation…

    1.) When I edit the “wp-config-sample.php” file, I upload everything to the server using a program called “winscp380.exe” (SSH type of prog).

    2.) I then begin installation, and when it reaches step 2, it simply hangs.

    3.) I then travel to the index.php page within my website that has the WordPress homepage. To my surprise, the page (or site have you) is installed, however, I have no password inside my email address. I can’t access the admin area, and I can’t post anything due to it “hanging” there.

    I am not using “my own box” as this is something I’m setting up through my school’s student webspace. I think the servers are apache using mySQL and phpMyAdmin. I’ve read all through these forums to no avail. I’ve reinstalled, and dropped tables… No luck. If you could help me solve what it is that is causing this, I would really appreciate it. Please help me.


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