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  • Plugin Author Peter Ricci


    1. You link is broken
    2. Shortcodes are ONLY as follows

    [google+events type=”hangout”]
    [google+events limit=”3″]
    [google+events past=”2″]
    [google+events author=”all”]
    [google+events limit=”5″ type=”normal” past=”1″ author=”all”]

    type = all, normal, or hangout, by default type is all
    limit = number of events to display (maximum 20)
    past = number of months to display past events in X months ago, by default past is false
    author = self, or all, by default author is self

    Thanks Peter! 🙂

    Im sorry if I’m sounding like a pest and a newbie. Ill try and make my situation as clear as possible. I actually moved my site over to wordpress because of this app. 🙂

    I would like to have the countdown timer, event description and link, hangout link and a divider between each event appear somewhere on my page.

    problem is…. the gadget shows all of the above but the hangout, event links do not do anything. Am I doing something wrong?

    The shortcode in post has the event and hangout links working perfectly though there is no way that I can see to put a divider between the events like in the gadget and to add a countdown timer.

    Here is the working link.

    I imagine you are really busy and I truly appreciate you taking the time to respond to me 🙂 This calendar section of my page will be the heart of the operation so it needs to be looking simple and good with the functions I mentioned. If you are even able to point me in the right direction on what to read up on or links to advice that would help that would be so great.

    Many Thanks!


    Wow!!!!!!!! what an update 0.9!! that’s perfect! 🙂 This is such a great app..Thanks so much for putting this together and the great help.
    Angus 🙂 🙂

    Plugin Author Peter Ricci


    Angus, glad you liked 🙂 Individual Events Shortcode COming shortly

    Yes the plugin is very helpful indeed!
    You may already know this though the Event and hangout button go the same place. that is the event information. Only the On Air button (that appears when the hangout has started) takes you to the actual hangout. It would be cool if the ‘event’ button took you too event info. Hangout to the actual hangout (or if you are early.. then the place where you get the message ‘you are first here’) and the ‘on air’ link will take you to the you tube live stream.
    Also. for some reason when I was using the google calender in my old web page it would show the hangouts times for all the teachers. now it only shows mine. The other teachers are still connected and show up on my calendar though though not in the list of hangouts with this app. Is there somehow you can get all the hangouts from other employees to show up also. Maybe accept multiple calender feeds.
    Many Thanks again! 🙂

    Plugin Author Peter Ricci


    Hi Angus

    Thanks for feedback, look for something soon on this…

    Thank you for such an AWESOME plugin. Works perfectly!

    You’re welcome! Thanks Peter!!!! 🙂

    Plugin Author Peter Ricci


    njschro My pleasure buddy, we will continue to clean up bug fixes and add more features as API allows.

    Its awesome plugin..I downloaded after trying 10 plugins but only this worked fine for my blog…Thanks a lot

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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