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  • I am looking to create a blog / website that will have hand written menu options similar to this site (Jeff Bridges) and wanted to see if anyone had any good themes or ideas on how I could achieve this idea for me. It doesn’t have to complex, but trying to achieve a similar ascetic.


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  • you could create a similar aesthetic regardless of which theme you use. one idea is to write on paper with your own handwriting, scan it, and use the scan as an image on your site. another is to use a handwritten-looking web font.

    didn’t know jeff bridges had a web site…

    Didn’t either until my friend showed it to me, I liked it. Would it be possible to do either technique with a hover color change on the font? Also, would it be one of the basic themes that would be the best for this? Thanks!

    He draws like he embodies the Dude!

    It would be easier to create a hover effect using web fonts than with images. WP offers a bunch of web font plugins you can try.

    Any of the basic themes would work. It’s a matter of your CSS styles.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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