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  • Hi there –

    I am a WordPress user with a couple of websites – my own ( and a website I am setting up for the company I work for ( and am getting along with managing the appearance of my sites ok (I think !)

    However, in relation to both of these websites, I need to provide a Page which displays a table / list that offers searchable functionality by field (in the same way you would be able to use Filters at the top of an Excel spreadsheet). In the case of my website, it would be to allow reader to search my list of tasted wines by score, region, etc; in the case of the company website the customer needs to be able to sort by price etc so it is more commerical. But the functionality is basically the same – the visitor (whether they be a customer or a reader) needs to be able to sort an unlimited number of lines by field). Basically the reader / consumer should be able to sort by column headers to quickly get to the information they want.

    I have toyed with the plug in WP Tables Reloaded which (on the face of it seems to come closest to offering the searcheable functionality I am looking for. However that only allows for 100 rows; meanwhile I need the number of rows not to be so limited – for example a wine trading company can easily have 1000 product lines.

    Secondly I also want to be able to present the information in tables that (appearance wise) are in keeping with the two different sites – including changing Fonts, column widths, headers etc etc etc. And WP Tables Reloaded doesn’t allow me any presentational options.

    Finally, I would like to be able to easily upload information to my table from Excel (preferably) or Access.

    So 1) Can anyone think of a way I can offer this kind of functionality ? and
    2) If such functionality is not currently available, can anyone recommend anyone who could build me such a plug-in for a fee ?

    Many thanks !


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