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  • I have contributed to a comment in this post here but wanted it to pop up to the top of the support feed to get some possible traction:

    Here’s my comment again:

    I have been working on an addon sort of plugin for Redirection that ties into when the post gets trashed or removed from the trash.

    It creates an entry in the wp_redirections_item table in the database for the Redirection plugin with the error code of 410, but not only that, it furthermore checks if the page is seen as 404 by WordPress and then checks to see if the page is marked as a 410 in the redirections items and serves up a 410 response header as well as looks for a theme’s template 410.php page (or defaults to the standard index.php with basic text saying the post is gone).

    It also works well with W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache too.

    However, it would be better if the original Redirections plugin had 410 Gone in the list of drop-down items, as well as would also trigger 410 management with the post slug change monitor switch that is built into the plugin — using my enhancements.

    Should the author want to merge my code with his, I am more than willing to share the code.

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  • I’ve found that offering code to anyone either goes nowhere or leads to “sure, please post a pull request to the Github repo. In your exact position, with a valued enhancement, this weekend I just created a pull request. So the code is not just being offered, it’s in the developer’s hands so that a decision can be made.

    Further, a “solution” should only be offered to a documented problem. So post your pull request and then create an Issue note that documents why that new code exists. Link them with a #000 reference to the PR number.

    At that point the plugin author can accept your contribution, reject it, or keep the discussion going with you about a solution, rather than here which is more for people reporting problems.

    Now, many plugin developers don’t accept pull requests, or they just don’t have the time to merge someone else’s code into theirs. That’s very frustrating for those of us who have taken the time to invest in their plugin. For this scenario, try to make your code as non-intrusive on the original plugin as possible. Try to handle everything with actions or filters, and then just try to get the original author to add the hooks into their code so that you can handle them outside of their code. Then you can continue to work on your code without disturbing them anymore.


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    Nothing new to me, but I await to hear back from the plugin author.

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