• Hi. I am having an issue using the ´hand picked posts´ feature in caxton blocks.

    I type in 4 posts separated by a comma:
    1. This information is not retained when I return to the edit page after a save / preview (I notice someone else posted the same issue)
    2. The underlying code appears to be correct ie. the html for the block contains the post IDs I have entered –
    <!– wp:caxton/posts-grid {“postIDs”:”1062, 1102, 1123, 1112″,”imagesType”:”circle”,”displayPostWithoutImages”:false,”border”:false,”displayDate”:false,”displayExcerpt”:false,”displayMeta”:false,”rows”:1,”columns”:4} /–>
    but the display of the page ignores the input and simply displays a series of latest posts.

    I have tried switching off all other plugins and using the 2019 theme but still have the same issue and cannot get the feature to work – which is a shame as it would be very handy! I use ‘essential grid’ to provide the same feature but compared to Caxton it’s quite a big beast to use regularly and ‘on-the-fly’. I can provide login details if required or a passworded page.

    Many thanks

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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