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  • Hi. I and my email have just been hit badly by these retards … I am getting hammered by trackback spam, obviously from the same outfit, and boy, I really would like to chop the mouse fingers off this sick people.

    One question, I thought at first this was comment spam even after apply reCaptcha, Akismet (which has been wonderful) and switching off all commenting retropectively … but I have just realised that this is trackback spam.

    *** I know the phpmyadmin command to switch off all comments retrospectively … is there a similar command for switching off trackback universally and retrospectively? I cant go through every post to do so manually!

    Help developers … you really need to include a “batten down the hatches” button to switch off all comments and trackbacks retrospectively.

    They are rotating IP address and so it is not possible to block them that way … does Akismet not pick these guys up?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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