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  • Yeah, I hacked the holy hell out of it in order to make it look how I wanted.
    I’m still debating whether to make the comments area look pretty or completely turn them off (except for trackbacks and pings).

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  • Looks excellent.

    I like the way you display date of your posts 🙂 Great stuff 🙂 Keep it on =)
    PS: but if I were you I would not use white background and default blue links… Not that it’s bad, but I just *hate* it :p
    Regards, MaxT

    Your syndication links are “busted” – /feed/rss2

    An odd note. The date display is really cool!! It’s missing the month though. I would choose to display the month, rather than the year, if I had to make a choice. I would also not put up the email address on the blog, attracts spam.
    Great looking, I’d say! I like my sites simple, neat and clean!

    I’m trying to configure it to display they day of the week for the first page of the site, permalinks and everything else should show the month name. I was able to figure it out for permalinks if($single), but can’t figure out how to check for $m and $cat properly, any suggestions?
    it’s 1.2b
    also, I want to say thanks to whoever wrote the full archives mod, that thing rocks and helps a LOT for getting google/yahoo/msn to index properly.

    You could do something like if !($single || $cat || $m) then display day-of-the-week (this is for the index.php without anything passed to it – the blog’s homepage)
    else (display month)

    2fargon, I already get about 100 spams a day… it’s an old and much harvested address…
    1) I’m not going to change it
    2) Thunderbird filters 98 out of the 100 with no false positives 🙂
    Unfortunately, it’s the cost of giving viewers convenience, I really don’t worry about it anymore.

    You can use PHP to encode your e-mail address if you decide to worry a little.

    or JS

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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