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    With the new March 15th, 2018 update, the Mobile Hamburger Icon has vanished, even if I use “Menu” as text it is still gone. The entire wpmm_mobile_menu_btn is gone.

    I don’t have disable menu for mobile checked, but I even checked and unchecked it and still no Mobile Button/Icon.

    I tried installing older versions of this plugin, also removed all my custom styling, and then even switched to the generic WordPress Twentysixteen theme and still no Mobile Hamburger Button.

    So the Mobile Button is gone even on WordPress Twentysixteen with no custom styling. This is on Chrome and Firefox, as well as Android Mobile.

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 7 months ago by wpterminator.
    • This topic was modified 2 years, 7 months ago by wpterminator.
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  • Update**

    The only way I was able to bring back the wpmm_mobile_menu_btn class was to deactivate, and then delete the plugin. Then I had up upload an older version 1.1.2 through FTP, then upload the latest version again through FTP. This brought back the mobile button/icon. reinstalling the latest 1.1.4 through WordPress plugin page, or even updating 1.1.2 to 1.1.4 through plugin page did not work, had to do it all manually through FTP.

    It appears that updating the plugin files through WordPress will cause this issue. I also tried this on a brand new install of WordPress on a different server with one of the generic WordPress themes Twentysixteen. 1.1.4 had no wpmm_mobile_menu_btn class on a blank new site, and I had to do the same thing with installing an older version and overiding those files through FTP.

    I have posted a solution for the latest version here:

    @spreadlab Thank you so much for your solution.

    @wpterminator please update to the latest version. We have solved this issue.


    I did do spreadlabs fix yesterday and it worked great. Then I updated the plugin today based off what you said and it took the hamburger icon right off again. I looked at the code and what spreadlab suggested was not changed on the most recent version. There are still single quotation marks around true in both sections.

    This is the last time I am updating this plugin. I will just work on it myself manually.

    I can confirm that it is not fixed.

    @fahimmurshed You should generally check your code for booleans used as strings.

    Plugin Contributor Mh Shohel


    Hi @wpterminator @wpterminator

    We’ve fixed here if ($disable_wpmm_on_mobile !== 'true') {

    at file class.wp-megamenu.php Line number 408

    $disable_wpmm_on_mobile in this variable, we are getting string, so we’ve checked strictly with 'true' it should work, Could anyone can provide me a website to check, though at our end it’s working.

    Ok, I will add the @spreadlab code to the new version if it works

    Best regards

    Plugin Contributor Mh Shohel


    Updated, please check the latest version.

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