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  1. gwadm
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I am having yet more problems. I downloaded a couple of themes and they were not downloading properly, half the screen goes white and only a few of the links can be clicked, but even then it's slow. I have to constantly reset safari in order to log in again.

    Then I am having the same problem with updating plugins, plus my site is running slowly. My website is [NSFW] http://www.girlwithadirtymind.com [NSFW]. I have had the white screen three times before and deleted everything on my FTP site and reinstalled. This is ridiculous. I never had any problems like this on wordpress.com, plus does anyone know an easy to subscribe option by email without having to save a mailbox of names so that my subscribers get an email every time I post?

    Thank you in advance to any genius who can help me.

  2. randinicole
    Posted 6 years ago #

    You might want to add a NSFW next to your website link.

    I fail to see the white part you are talking about, seems to load (slow) but fine for me,as in no white space, in both firefox and ie.

    You might want to validate your html. cannot say if it will help with your issue but it is a start.


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