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  • laurenfromseattle


    Quite a surprising mess here from Automattic.

    If your plan is to integrate your Woo store with the Square platform, you are somewhat SOL since the company that owns WC apparently hasn’t invested the resources required to have a workable solution to interface with one of the major players in the payment gateway market.

    They pushed a major update with seemingly little testing. Peruse the support threads to get an idea of the myriad issues left in the wake of poor/rushed development. Worse, support has been by and large MIA. Their most laudable response was to roll back the plugin to a previous iteration that functioned, but since then they have moved forward with versions that have done little to address the widespread panic of broken e-commerce websites. They don’t seem to grasp the seriousness of breaking an integration that many business owners rely upon as their primary source of income.

    Our site is currently running on the outdated version of the plugin and our support requests regarding the current version have gone unanswered, so basically we’re just waiting to see what happens. My hope is that they will eventually get it together and release a working, tested, robust integration, but the reality is that we are counting down the days until full meltdown.

    Automattic, please give your engineers the time and the resources they need to clean up this embarrassment.

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  • mystyleplatform


    Any update? Have you tried the update that was released in the last week?

    What broke for you?

    I am considering installing this for a web-only store but the reviews are horrible (no brick and morter and we have no need for the square store front end, only order processing)…

    Thread Starter laurenfromseattle


    We haven’t updated to the 2.x version. Every time a new 2.x version is posted seems that the support forum fills up with various iterations of “this broke my site.” When we initially updated to the 2.x version (before rolling back), our Woo store didn’t sync any new products added to Square. Support hasn’t bothered to address our issues on the forum. Based on other user experiences with updates, doesn’t sound like anything is improving.

    Unless you are tied to Square as your order processing method, I would say the reviews and support issues are bad enough to look for another solution.

    Ya I mean they are getting paid to support this plugin and every update is worse and worse. I would have fired this dev team a long time ago.

    I am one of the myriad of folks are experiencing the frustration of trying to keep my webstore alive with all these terrible updates. I’m gonna be rolling back the plugin to, hopefully, regain some functionality.

    @laurenfromseattle What version are you currently running that seems to function?

    Thread Starter laurenfromseattle


    @citizenharms I’m still on 1.0.38. Just sort of waiting for everything to fall apart. I turned off forum notifications for this plugin because each new entry was a cry into the void. The anxiety of knowing the myriad ways in which the site could break down at any moment was too much.

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