• After trying just about every wordpress real estate plugin “free and commercial” I decided to give this one a try recently ….and yet another disappointment.
    Instead of coming here and bashing everything that’s wrong with this plugin I’ve decided to just let everyone know what I found that does work.

    If you are a web developer looking for a 100% working US/Canada RETS solution, w/NO-encrypted code, NO MOTNHLY FEES, then let me save you some time….a LOT of TIME!

    Even though I’m a developer I went ahead and paid the 1399 price to have everything all done and archived for me so that I had a 100% completed and working backup archive of everything. They took about 3 days to get it all done and with a few tweaks (they include 2 hrs of live 1-on-1 support) I was able to get my first clients project done in less than 5 days total time. The BEST part was when I was told that I can now setup as many NEW sites as I want in less than 10 min! They include a remote database option that allows as many other websites as you want to connect and share the listings data from the master site database – Cool Right?!

    Visit, call, or email the people over at http://wprealty.org and let them show you what all their stuff can do and make sure they show you their “templated auto suggest” demo – AWESOME! – Never seen anything like it before!

    Oh, and one more thing “SEO”
    I also do a lot of Real Estate “SEO” projects and I recommend using something that allows for unlimited SEO options…especially “dynamic” seo options. I just finished a customer’s site with WPR plugin that required 3 dynamic content paragraphs to be added in the listings details page so that the client’s listings pages were containing MORE relevant content and additional contextual anchor text links to help out weigh competitor’s pages for the ADDRESS searches on Google. Then the same customer wanted me to add in the ability to update the RETS every hr – then the customer wanted me to push a link to all listings added TODAY with the newest on top (trying to get authorship/authority with his gravatar displaying on all “new listings” getting indexed for Google search results) ……I also just recently did another project where the client wanted to join 3 RETS into 1 database and NONE of these other solutions can offer you all of these options.

    The main problem with just about all of the wordpress plugins like IDXbroker and dsIDX (diverse solutions) is that neither one can do microdata via http://schema.org – which, imo, is a HUGE SEO disadvantage over other products like http://wprealty.org.

    If you are as concerned with SEO as I am then you will certainly want to compare solutions based on what SEO limitations are imposed on you by these 3’rd party RETS/MLS providers.

    Start with the following SEO check list: …
    *Note none of these are possible using “dsIDX” or “idxBroker”*
    1). 100% Customizable (dynamic) page urls, page titles, page meta, page description etc all done in any way you can imagine doing them, also very important is the ability to do (“dynamic” rel_canonical listing urls)
    2). Can you add custom microdata to all appropriate listing data such as in this example – <span itemprop=”address” itemscope=”” itemtype=”http://schema.org/PostalAddress”>123 street</span>
    3). Can you create unlimited “custom dynamic content” using {listings field names/values} and conditionals. (not possible with idxBroker or dsIDX)
    4). Are there any creativity limitations – in other words IF you want to do “xyz” can you? The answer to that is “NO” if you can’t touch any of their code.

    If anyone can show me a wordpress solution that can do those 4 items I’d like to know about it – cheers 🙂

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