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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    It works for a lot of people, and the reasons it doesn’t work are more likely linked to how people install and use WordPress, with which plugin, which caching plugin or system, proxies, etc… Technically my plugin does only a little part of the job, generating the files nicely then using the two best Retina addon/script on top of it (Retina.js and Retina Image). If there is bug, I will react very quickly and repair it, you can check in your forum, I always do.

    You have no idea how much time I spent with users for free because they don’t know CSS, HTML, how to configure WP, how to debug, etc. The plugin WORKS (look at the ratings! you are the only one to put a negative review and a negative rating). Also, I think I helped you many times by email, I even logged-in in your WP installation to help you and at the end it was working. Isn’t it?

    The email you sent me 3 days ago was: “Plugin was working fine until the other day. Completely irrational now. Sometimes works sometimes doesn’t. Had to deactivate. Any chance of an update soon?”.

    What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to reply? The plugin works. You don’t tell me the issues. Nothing. Just: “it doesn’t work, update it!”. No explanation, no “please”, nothing.

    And now you make me pay for your frustration. Thanks for spitting on my work! It’s hundred of hours of work and you just spitted on the whole thing. That’s a very nice way of telling me thank you for the spend I obviously lost with you.

    Now please explain why a 0 rating knowing that the plugin work for 99% of the users and for all the support I gave you. Please!

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    By the way, you “forgot” to disable and uninstall the plugin from your website! And strangely it works on my Retina display…

    I also thought this plugin didn’t work and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I even got so frustrated that I took my PC to the genius bar at the Apple store to see if they could help. They kindly explained that my screen was not actually a retina display and that they couldn’t provide any support for me because my PC is made by Dell (I think this is really unfair of them) but they did show me what the site should look like on one of their retina displays and it was working as it should.

    Is it possible that chrisgeorgio is having the same problem? I’m 99% sure he is. I think he should pay a visit to his local genius bar (or any kind of bar, for that matter) and get it sorted out.

    Jordy, I have changed my rating to 5 stars. And this is in recognition of your support. However the plugin works on my home page but on the individual work pieces it doesn’t, I have spent hours trying work it out and it’s become very frustrating. If you would prefer I give you five star rating even tho it doesn’t really work for me? I do have a retina display. iPad 3.

    Thing is Jordy, I have replaced all the normal images for the x2 versions as the plugin doesn’t replace them on load instead it the images disappear.

    I have spent far too much time on this. I appreciate its your baby and you’ve spent hours on it so I will stand by my five star rating as it means a lot to you, but for me it doesn’t work 100% I’m sorry if you feel that I have done you a wrong turn somewhere along the line.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Thanks a lot Chris. I understand it is not working for you, but it is very probably related to something else. I would like to help you but I am trying to focus on the bug which are really part of my plugin and also I am on holidays so I don’t have that much time to give support. At the beginning I helped a lot of people with HTML and CSS issue or using scripts or odd theme, but it is really time consuming. Do you have a friend programmer? That would be super to ask such a person to help you. I can have a look later when I come back from holiday (in 3 weeks) but you would need to remind me 🙂

    I promise you that this plugin must work, you can try it with a different theme maybe to confirm that, then be careful with all the gallery plugins, some of them are using tricky javascript…

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