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  • First of all, thank you for what has been a really great plugin. It is far superior to most calendars available for WordPress, and for a free product it has been outstanding. Unfortunately, shortly after I was able to wade through all the pesky recent upgrade and version issues to activate the latest “standard” 1.10.9 version from your website, it quickly consumed all available server resources on a small non-profit site that relies on affordable shared hosting and I had to shut it down. I have many clients who now rely on it, and this news is not pleasant. I’ve read the threads about things we can try to help, and upgrading to the pro version would be satisfying if I knew the issue would be resolved (apparently not). Please don’t let your outstanding product die on the vine because of poor resource use. All its great features are of absolutely no use if it uses up resources and we have to turn it off. Give us a lean mean version, even if it’s a pro option, and we’ll coming running back!

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  • One of my small nonprofit sites was shut down today by our webhost because this plugin was using too many resources, the first time I’ve ever had this happen. is a victim of its own success. I donated to their company when they first came out.

    As the resource problem began to increase I almost bought the Pro version but several threads in the support forum indicate that Pro support doesn’t resolve the resource issues, so I waited.

    I wish all the best and I’m sad to have to let them go.

    If you’re going to try another calendar, let me know what you’ve decided on.

    I have the same problem. Been using this for a long time but since september the plugin has started eating up the cpu resources. Is there going to be a fix soon – because it wasn’t always so bad. I don’t really want to move to another service, in fact I was going to get pro last week for the online payments system, but right now I might have to ditch it. The server is generating a lot of /courses/action~agenda/page_offset~-1/time_limit~1354615199 over and over again so I’m told.

    Yeah, 2 consecutive weekends our site was shutdown by hosts costing us about 800gbp in total. We’ve trying to narrow things down as to the issue and it’s ai1ec. Where the hell are the developers of this plugin? I think they should be struck off the Plugin archives for provding no support in the slightest for what are serious serious issues- upgrade to pro? Why when you can’t get the free version to work!

    Hurry up and sort this, we have people relying on the calendar

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    If you are using pretty permalinks, try this.

    We are aware that our plugin is resource hungry and we are currently working hard on version 2.0 which will address this problem ( that’s why i’m less on the forums these days )

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