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  • Resolved cito


    upgraded to latest version of ultimate tiny mce

    after upgrading when I’d try to go to my website the browser would be loading and the firefox loading circle spinning after 10 – 20 seconds the page would instantly appear.

    I tried on laptop and my ipod touch and the site would take 10-20 seconds to load.

    I checked apache’s access log and error log and there are no error messages so I was perplexed at first what was causing it.

    So I remembered Ultimate Tiny MCE updated today so I deactivated it.

    when I deactivated the plugin my site now instantly loads like before.

    my website is

    I did upgrade to latest version and I tried deleting it manually and reinstalling the plugin but for some reason my site pauses for 10-20 seconds then instantly loads

    watching access log it’s doing same thing to people browsing my site the access log will be quiet with no updates as I ‘tail -f access error’

    then every 10-30 seconds are so a huge SPAM of access logs flies by of people that came to the site then again 10-30 wall of spam as new people hit the site and get the site all at once.

    when I deactivate the plugin site loads instantly for everyone and the access log is a constant stream of activity instead of stop – wall of spam – stop – wall of spam.

    I am using WordPress 3.5.1
    Also this only started happening with Ultimate TinyMCE Version

    again what is odd is there are no errors in access log or error log to explain what exactly is causing the initial pause of the site not loading then 10-20 seconds later it loads up.

    but deactivating this plugin the site is back to instant loading again.

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  • Plugin Author Josh


    It is fixed in version

    I am sorry. That’s all I can say. I’m human.. and I sometimes make mistakes in my code even I don’t understand 😉

    I’m sure it’s fixed.

    You can go to your WP Dashboard -> Updates -> and click “Check again”. This will manually check the WP servers for updates, and notify you about Ultimate Tinymce Version

    Please let me know if this corrects your issue.

    Problem is fixed everything back to normal, site insta loading again.

    thank you very much

    Plugin Author Josh


    Thank you, cito!

    I really appreciate your detailed explanation in your first post! That kind of information really helps in troubleshooting an issue. You rock!!

    Take care 🙂

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