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  • Hi all-
    I would love your help asap!
    I found spam hidden links in my header.php.
    I went to my header and removed them, but now my homepage is not right.
    Most of my text in my posts and sidebar is now centered and not left-justified. AND the borders that should continue from the header are cut off.
    I am not an expert at this and would love some help. I am guesssing i just deleted a few tags from the header that i shouldn’t have.
    Please help.
    THis is my site:
    Vanilla Mist “Connections” theme.

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  • Can anyone help me?

    I have customized my theme a good bit and have modified the php files –like i have ads in the sidebar, etc. I have NEVER changed themes since i did all this customization. when i change themes…and then change back–does it affect the PHP files and all the changes i’ve made???
    I’m afraid to do this and lose my work.



    here is link to Google’s cache of your site on Oct 23, 2009 16:19:17 GMT

    it’s already corrupted by spam but your home page structure is still preserved ( i compared it with your site, see the difference by yourself )

    Check that google’s cache page code and pick some missing elements which you need.

    Hey Bottleneck-
    Thanks so much. But unfortunately…this ‘source code’ view still does not show me the complete header info i need.

    And the spam is different that day (different links) than it is today. What does that mean? How do i fix this?


    It’s a mess, you have head code in the body section and some of it is duplicated. I’d recommend backing up everything to your home computer, downloading a fresh copy of your theme, and then replacing your theme’s header.php with a fresh copy. Use the customized header.php on your home computer as a guide to add back only the customizations you want.


    iridiax is right.

    And just in addition, to be specific, your blog got hit by KoiQBOL hack/worm:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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