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  1. reachground
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    WordPress is such a joy to work with. I find it the best tool for my site. Unfortunately I've had malware. I think it was TimThumb that did it. I tried everything in my power to fix it but nothing worked. My host eventually took me offline. That's when I got tired of it and just deleted everything on the site. I did backup my database though and hoped that I could reinstall everything replacing all the images and be done with it.
    So was not the case.

    What I've done now is:

    1. Removed every table from the database.
    2. Installed WordPress from scratch
    3. Uploaded the theme
    4. Imported the old database

    The startpage works as expected, everything looks the same except the images are gone. The problem is that none of the posts or pages turn up. I guess the reason is that I deleted the files. The thing I tried was to create new pages and posts. I could then preview a post before it was posted, but when I published it I got the "The requested URL [...] was not found on this server".

    If you want to see it you can go to the site:

    You will get a warning message which you can ignore if you trust me (random guy on the Internetz), everything is clean.



  2. reachground
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  3. Don't bump. Honestly, you'll just annoy the volunteers.

    Try resetting your permalinks. For you that should be


    The images you are missing are because they are not there (as you know, I'm trying to be complete *sips more coffee*). I get a 404 Not Found for them too, see if your host has copies of them.

    Backup your .htaccess file, delete old one and let WordPress create a new one.

    Since you've been hacked before try give these a read (links courtesy of Esmi). They can't hurt and you may have missed something.


    After you've read through that, you want to take a backup of everything and put it somewhere safe.


    Once you've cleaned up and are satisfied, make another fresh backup as well of the clean blog. The backup is your friend and should be respected. It will put you right where you were incase the Really Bad Thing(tm) happens.

  4. reachground
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    Permalinks did it. I didn't change anything but just saved it again. Now it's like I expected.

    Whoops @ the bump. You get one fail for free yes? ^^

    Thanks so much for the help!

  5. Whoops @ the bump. You get one fail for free yes? ^^

    Well, yes, one is allowed. After that they launch the shrieking Monkeys. And they take your coffee away. *shudder*

  6. reachground
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    Nooooooooooooooooo! I needz my coffe :(

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