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  • Has someone already done that? I know it sounds quite silly but I was going to hack WordPress so that it can be used without a database. Actually I don’t need it, but it’s a challenge and I will soon visit my parents and have no internet access for a month, so I’ll have a lot of time 😉
    But I won’t try if anyone already did it.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Not seen that done …….
    php and flat files.. that’s p*vot isn’t it ?

    I don’t think anyone has… Most database calls would be located in wpdb.php, so [theoretically] there shouldn’t be that many files to alter. My biggest concern would be plugins. Most recent ones use $wpdb, but others may be a challenge.
    And as a side not: if you can come up with functions that parse and translate SQL syntax reliably I would love to see it!

    with sqllite in php5, not sure it’s going to be a useful experiment, but have fun!

    All right, I’ll be working on that in my holidays 😉

    Did this ever happen? I’m in need of something like this thanks to my host’s MySQL allowing only 15 db connections at once. I’d love a flat file alternative to give my users.

    I’m hoping support for potential flat-file db can be mounted – my hosts db server has been flaky for sometime, meanwhile my pmwiki site (using magpie) is solid and a testament to good implementation but having to have my wp depend on mysql so critically has definitely been a bummer this week. Thanks to anyone actively exploring this idea!

    especially with sqllite entering the picture (but still not necessarily matching features with mysql), and mysql support continuing to grow and improve with releases, I’m doubtful this will really ever get off the ground.

    the reality is that a heavy database-driven site should use a database system — that’s what they’re there for. sqllite is the closest thing, but yes, some older plugins talk direct to mysql and don’t go through $wpdb.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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