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    I hope this the right place to post this.

    I’m trying to feel my way around WP and figuring out what to modify and where. Right now I am just trying to place a small logo center-left on top of the original rounded blue rectangle. Here is the original code:

    #header {
    	background: #73a0c5 url('images/kubrickheader.jpg') no-repeat bottom center;

    and I changed it to:

    #header {
    	background: #73a0c5 url('images/kubrickheader.jpg') no-repeat bottom center;
            background: url('images/site_logo.png') no-repeat center left;

    The site_logo at present is just a round red circle about 30 px.

    This puts the circle where I want it but the blue rounded rectangle now is a larger rectangle with square corners.

    Why did this happen, and what can I do to fix it?


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  • In order to resolve it properly without guessing, one should see the div structure .
    can you please post the URL of the blog, I will have a look at it

    Sure, thanks, Like I said, I am just using it for practice it’s got a long way to go yet! Eventually I want to get rid of those rss thingys and the search box, along withe side panels. Here’s the URL:

    Thanks for answering!

    That’s because the original background image (the one you’ve overwritten by your site_logo.png) looked like the site itself, and anything not shown by that image is now filled with background color #73A0C5 and a width of 758px.

    You could remove that background color by removing this part

    background: #73a0c5 url('images/kubrickheader.jpg') no-repeat bottom center;

    But what still will be left are the rounded corners on the top: this was part of the kubrickheader.jpg as well.


    Maybe this will help.
    [link moderated]

    ah, yes thank you! Figaro, I’m about a half-step ahead of you! I found your website by looking at another post. I’m in the process of watching the video now. I use photoshop in developing my own images. What I don’t understand though is that kubrickheader.jpg is a simple rectangle. I don’t see right and left rounded corner images at all.

    Thanks to figaro’s excellent video, I can now change the graphics on the default frontpage.

    This leaves the searchbox, rss feeds and:
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    Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).

    I believe this has to be done in header.php but I don’t know how. What’s been happing with me, when I alter or remove something it goes back to a default and I don’t want that either!



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    Try looking in sidebar.php. I’d also suggest you read

    These videos have been a real help. I wish someone would create some on editing the different php files. Even php files that are liberally commentd, showing what to change would be a big help! As I learn, I’m going to just that. Comment the files, showing what to change and how. I’m surprised no one’s ever thought of that. I know how it is though, in the past, commenting the files, has been just too much work!

    I will follow your links esmi. Thanks for replying.

    I followed your video tutorial but didn’t have much luck. I was able to change the color of the rounded header and add a couple of images and I changed the background color. My page was supposed to be a light lilac but it remained white even tho it was lilac in Photoshop. In addition I have a couple of white lines on either side of the header.

    here is a link to the website:

    Since WP-Support doesn’t allow attachments, here is a link to my psd file:


    Make a copy of your kubrickbgwide.jpg file and rename it kubrickbg-ltr.jpg then replace the original kubrickbg-ltr.jpg with this one.

    Next, open your style.css file and find the following code:

    #footer p {
    padding:20px 0;

    Change the padding from 20px to 18px and save.

    Perfect! well almost! Now to get rid of the search box, rss feed stuff and blog roll. Also I’d like to get rid of the XFN link and the WordPress link since it’s repeated in the footer. I want to give them credit but I think one link is enough.

    Thanks, Figero!

    Ah… The sweet smell of success! Thanks to all of you I have now learned how to alter the graphic files and modify and tweek the css and php files. My 12 yea-old grandaughter is going to love it! Her very own blog!

    And now…On to bigger things!


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