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  • I’ve seen people asking about something like this and I’m going to ask in a different way. I need to make a special “Page” that when a visitor clicks on the “page” they see the contents of only one category. Why do this? Isn’t that what categories do? Why be redundant?

    Answer in a word, Navigation. I want to put some of the posts in a place that site vistors can click on a tab where I have other very important information. For example: along the header of the site I’m building I have pages that look like little tabs that say thinks like “Bio”, “Contact” or “What is this site”. Addionally I want to include all the posts that are in the “Press” category. So that people in the press can easliy find all the “Press” posts where they’d expect to find them.

    Does anyone have ideas on how I could acomplish this?

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  • I still don’t see the need for a Page to do that (not to mention: it will NOT work on a Page – Pages are not meant to display multiple posts!).
    It seesm you are going by the hard way… Why to struggle with this Page issue when you could simply add a link to the navigation, pointing to your category view? Is that impossible?

    That sounds like a great idea! Do you all think I should just make a hard link in my header template file? Is there a nicer way anyone can think of to do this?

    What about creating a “Page” like the default index page that is limited to a specific category?

    Since the “page-thing” will not work (trust me, the Category Template does an excellent job 🙂 – you will have to go with the navigation idea.

    You don’t listen, because you are “obsessed” with that Page thingy, LOL
    You can not display multiple posts on a Page. Period.

    Well… assuming your header builds up the “Page” list from your existing WP Pages, you could take an approach that will seem a bit convoluted, but work.

    Go get the Redirectify plugin from here:

    Create a new WP Page. no content necessary.
    Give it the name of the category in question.

    Down at the bottom of the new Page screen, add a custom field named “redirect” (without the quotes). For the Value, enter the url to your category page (easily gotten by clicking on a category link and grabbing the resulting url from your browser).

    picture I found to illustrate using redirectify:

    thanks HandySolo that totally does a bit of what I want. Now I just need to do a little hacking in the CSS and templates to make it look and act like a Page. I to some of you this seems hoaky but this is what my customer wants and it seems to make sence to me.


    I know my blog is in german,
    but I’m shure you understand my description, because you see the code.

    so many member of the forum are would like to have the same as you.

    Posts from one Category on a specific static page.

    I’m not shure if it is allowed to post links, so I’ll post the link and the way to find it;)
    category: tipps und tricks
    Beiträge aus einer Kategorie auf einer statischen Seite


    I wish you well.

    Actually, you can display multiple posts in a page, by using a Page Template. I do it on my blog, with a Page which is an index/glossary of all my posts from all 3 categories, sorted in alphabetical order by-title.

    However, this request would be better accomplished using a Category template, custom for the Press category — and then linking this category page in your header among the tabs.

    Read about the Template Hierarchy in the Codex, and make yourself a nice Category-3.php Template that displays whatever format, pre-info, posts, and footer-info that you wish.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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