• This is a question about hackers that are hourly hitting a client’s site. A site in the past that was hacked severely by a group from Pakistani. This client’s domain is out there as a plum cherry.

    I get about 1 an hour about some IP being blocked for someone testing the login panel. It’s working perfectly. You try to login with “admin” and I’ve nailed your IP for ever. That admin doesn’t exist.

    Here’s the question though, these logins are coming from all over the world: China, North Korea, Russia, France, Asia, Australia. Almost rarely the US.

    Is it conceivable that this is one operation trying to attack using proxies though out the world?

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  • Yes

    Yes they can re-route their IP’s to your country, as they are trying to do to me now for attempted hacks directed to wp-login or xmlrpc.php. They also hit old pages I removed after the last hack attack – which no longer exist. This tells me they are a hacker bot.

    I also have links directed to my site from pornographic websites, really filthy stuff, traced to China. I remove them in Options: to block URL’s in Wordfence, and there is a ton of them.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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