Hacked wordpress site just about to do 301 redirect to new url, clean up first ? (2 posts)

  1. action13
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi, our WordPress blog was hacked and Lunarpages our hosting company can not restore it anymore. We were actually just about to do a redirect 301 to our new website ( http://www.livethelife.eu ), which is just finished now and hosted with MT.
    Most important thing is to keep our rankings of the old http://www.livethelife.tv, but question is if we have to still clean up the orignal site if we do the redirect ? The old url is bought with enom.tv, so we could point it to our new server and do the redirect on MT and then just leave the old content on Lunarpages or even delete it there ?
    Wondering what the best option is to keep the old rankings and what the best procedure is to follow.
    Cleaning up the old site and then do the resubmitting enquiry with google and then only the redirect ? Or can we just redirect without cleaning up and then ask reconsideration ? Will google know the old content is hacked still on the server ?
    Point livethelife.tv to another server and do the redirect there ? Is that a better way to do it ? But then we might not be able to do specific url redirects and only redirect to the homepage ? Or will Google give us back the old rankings anyway, as they are still in the memory, even if the url's don't exist on the server anymore ?
    Not sure what to do ...

  2. hpguru
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I think, just cleanup your old site or delete all and redirect to new site. :)

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