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  • onlymac


    ALL my categories changed to: “h4cked by tqrL & ExTaCy // TurkishDarbeTeam.Org”.

    In side bar, and every post, every category link shows just “h4cked by tqrL & ExTaCy // TurkishDarbeTeam.Org”, but when cursor is over them, the correct relative category name shows in browser status bar.

    Clicking on MANAGE – CATEGORIES brings to home page (so that the relative panel cannot be accessed). LINK CATEGORIES panel shows, with only one “h4cked by tqrL & ExTaCy // TurkishDarbeTeam.Org” category. Adding a new category, will add a new “h4cked by tqrL & ExTaCy // TurkishDarbeTeam.Org” category. Whenever I try to change the new category name to one of the originals, it won’t change. It accepts changes only if changed to something different from original.

    I’m using 2.6.1, with Maintenance Mode 3.2 and WP-phpMyAdmin 2.10.3 plug ins activated, and Akismet 2.1.8 not activated.
    Blog is hosted on my site on commercial web hotel:

    Please help!

    I’m truly a newbie here, but I can follow instructions 🙂

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  • Well, thanks guys for a really neat absence of help!

    Keep on like this!

    That’s the way people can be attracted to the use of a software platform: neglecting them, when they get the courage to declare their own inadequacy, and ask for help!

    Great job!

    This forum is run by moderators who are volunteers and other members helping each other (if they have the answers). I will do my best to answer (without being able to see your site).

    My 3 years experience with WordPress would prompt me to tell you to back up your database ( because that is where all your posts, pages and comments are and then completely delete your installation and install it again. Use a fresh version of your theme as well (don’t back it up and use it because you can’t be sure to get all the malicious code out of it).

    The hackers obviously made changes to your theme coding but they may have also put malicious code in your WordPress installation which is why I suggest you completely uninstall and reinstall WordPress.

    Always upgrade WordPress when it becomes available, especially if it says there are security upgrades. If you are wary of upgrading yourself, use this awesome plug in:

    I hope this helps. I’m afraid there is no quick fix for your problem.

    I had a website ‘hacked by crackers’ and some other stuff in a foreign language… it was because I had installed a forum as a subweb and then abandoned it. I never upgraded it because I didn’t use it. Well, the ‘crackers’ took advantage of a security issue in that older version and was able to get into my main website. I was totally angry and frustrated, so I get where you are coming from.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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