• I’m actually using wordpress 4.9.62
    My sites been hacked. I’m an artist and have galleries of smaller images that when cliked link to another page with more details. Someone has copied the page they are linked to and added viagra text at the bottom.
    It’s only certain images. It’s a large site with hundreds of images so to go through and find the ones that have been adjusted is a nightmare..
    Is there an easy way to find where things have been hacked to fix things? Also how do i secure the site so it can’t happen again?

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  • @50falsue89

    Sorry to hear your site got hacked, it’s a pain in the arse. A hacker in Paris hacked my site and I didn’t realise until I registered for a Google Webmaster account.

    Depending on how long the hacker(s) have had access to your site the more crap you’re going to have to clean up. You might get a quick win using the google webmaster tool to assess your site, as it will identify the compromised pages for you. The problem is where if pages outside of wordpress have been created and you can’t find them easily through the file manager on your domain control panel that makes things difficult.

    Do you have a clean backup from before the site was compromised? if so I’d restore it as the it’s easier to roll back and back fill the content.

    If a roll back to a backup isn’t feasible, you might have to consider deleting the site, re-install WordPress and your themes and rebuild the site from scratch.

    From a perspective of preventing further compromises, have you installed iThemes Security or other such security plugin? You need to lock down the application firewall with IP address ranges that are generating .php brute force attacks, 404 errors etc. I have over 2,500 ip ranges listed on my firewalls but it needs maintenance each week.

    Hope this helps

    Are all the “injected” messages exactly the same? If so you can probably do a search/find/replace within the mySQL database directly. That’s what I would do.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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