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  • Multiple sites I own automatically updated to WP 4.7 & BAM I find this plugin ACTIVE on ALL MY SITES!!!!

    I NEVER use any translator of any kind. I don’t need one.

    I haven’t been to my sites in around 30 days – it was NOT there on my last logins.

    I have not changed themes NOR added any other plugin or anything that this could attach to and install itself, much less activate itself.

    The themes I use do not have it in any of there files – it is not a required plugin.

    I’m pretty darn livid and want to know how exactly this happened!

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  • @myblogjustrocks

    I have never heard before of a plugin that is automatically installed and activated under WordPress without the intervention of something else.

    Which version of qTranslate X is installed?

    Which themes and other plugins do you have installed?

    Unfortunately, you had a close encounter with a hacker. Something similar happened to me two years ago (although I am at that time used Wordfence Security plugin). On my site is installed cache plugin. Wordfence not detect intrusion. I have discovered this during routine maintenance site. I even found the IP address of the hacker pointing to a restaurant in Bulgaria. WIFI connection, I guess with a laptop from a car parked in front of the restaurant.

    Clear website. Protect yourself. Change your username and password.

    Plugin Author John Clause


    We are really sorry for your trouble, @myblogjustrocks, but I can absolutely assure you that qtx does not have any “hacking” code, nor anyone of our team is doing it.

    Apparently, somebody has chosen qtx to play tricks on your site. I agree with recommendations of @vipteam as the least what you can do.

    I very hope you will figure out how such thing happened and will change the number of stars on your review, as they skew our statistics.

    Good luck to you and thank you very much!

    I don’t get this. Giving one start to plugin cause someone hacked you and installed this plugin?
    Why would you negatively rate someone for something he had noting to do with?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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