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    I was recently in China and had written several seemingly benign posts on Shanghai (buying chopsticks, a video of a Taoist ceremony and several interviews with Shanghai residents) and a few days ago someone managed to enter my site and delete all of these posts. I imagine I was censored by one of the thousands of Chinese net spies (I do work in the media) but how do I ensure my site is now safe and free from further hacks and has nothing malicious on it? I changed my password – what else do I need to do (aside from no longer adding posts from unsecured wifi hotspots)? I know nothing about this kind of thing so any advice would be appreciated.

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  • Chris,

    Of course, nothing is 100%, but there are several small things you can do to help. Here is one blog post that gives some advice…there are lots of others out there…just search WordPress security. Of course, WP is only part of the answer…you could have locked up tight, but if there is a vulnerability in some other script you are running, or your server software, then it really doesn’t matter how hardened WP is.

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    Thanks, Figaro. I have added some features so hopefully this will help! I still have some minor problems but I will post this elsewhere.

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