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    ‘Hacked by hacker’ message appeared on my site when i opened my home page. Could not open site, could not open admin panel. What can I do?

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  • Thanks, I’ll get at it.

    I had the same thing happen to me today, on a bunch of different sites actually. Searching to see if it happened to anyone else, I found your message.

    It looks like what happened is that the hack changed the index.php file in a few different directories. Check the index.php file in your root as well as the index.php in the wp-content folder and any of your theme folders. I restored the sites affected from backups, just to be safe, though the database appeared to be untouched. There appears to be a bunch of index.html files that were created in the affected directories as well.

    One thing that all site affected seemed to have in common was that they were all hosted on the same box at my web host, if that helps you.

    A couple of servers had hundreds of websites hacked like this today simultaneously across multiple accounts and multiple servers..

    Also there are reports on Twitter from many other people as well on other hosts .. all today. So I have a feeling that there is a bigger problem here.

    The index.php file gets changed to “hacked by Hacker” and the header.php file in the theme folder also gets changed to the same thing … and index.html file also gets added.

    This happened on an up-to-date minimal WordPress install with no plugins and the classic theme so not sure how it is happening. Almost seems like an issue with the host or server itself?

    So, is this a wait and see what happens situation before I try fixing myself?

    No – never assume that unless you can confirm with your hosts that they have been hacked, are assuming full responsibility and that they will sort out your site. Generally speaking, you have to clean up your own site.

    Thanks, I’m looking forward to the discussion on how this gets sorted out. For me, lots to learn.

    No you need to fix it yourself. That said if you are hosted with HostPapa according to their support department there was a security breach last night. But they are not saying much else.

    To fix this you need to get the following 2 files back:
    index.php in the root folder (get it from the default WordPress install) and header.php in your themes folder (if you don’t have a backup of that file you will need to start with the original from the theme). Also remove index.html which is created because the hack affects none WordPress sites as well/

    I do think there is a larger security / vulnerability issue going on with this hack but we may have to wait for more reports.

    Ok. I am a Mac user and have located the various files but need to read more to make sure I make the correct changes.

    Here some more info on it:

    As of yet there is no information about the exploit vector.

    I’m only hearing one hosts name so far being mass hacked.

    If someone has specific details on another host mass hacked please post the details.

    Seems to be a rash of anecdotal comments and I’m not seeing any indication of some zero day vulnerability in the wild. I’m seeing no where near the traffic I would expect to see in the hacker forums if there were the case; and number of hacking reports don’t appear to have spiked this week at all.

    Potential the site has outdated plugins or exploited found in the plugins / wordpress that cause the malware infestion which lead to the massive hack. You can see the antivirus scan report.

    Viscosity: is hosted by HostPapa according to WHOIS.

    Most of these hacked sites seem to be hosted there.

    If the massive hack come from a single web hoster, then it is very likely that web hoster has been rooted that lead to the massive hacks. It may /may not be the issue of a wordpress issues. web hoster information

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)
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